Smartphone Game Business Plan


Smartphones today have become part of everyday human life. Its existence becomes very important in supporting human survival. Beginning in terms of entertainment, business, up to the medical needs using the smartphone as a tool capable enough to rely on. Even in some cases a smartphone can save human lives.
Smartphone has some interesting and useful applications. This includes the game in smartphones. A game is able to provide many advantages for both developers and players. So that’s a smartphone game business has significant opportunities in the business world even at larger scale.


In creating and developing a game takes a pretty mature programming skills and instinct in the design drawings and layouts in the game. Therefore in this business required more than two developers in order to achieve time and cost efficiency. Allocation of funds and the proper resources are also indispensable in developing this business. Besides being able to minimize errors in the development are also increasing speed and accuracy in the execution of each part in the making of a game.
To achieve maximum results the developers need a mature concept for smooth development. Starting from the concept of the game itself to the concept of workmanship according to the timeframe that has been predicted.
In the continuity of development also requires a few things that needed to comply with the expected results such as: determination of game genres, game design, game layout, game platform, game engine, game programming language, concept art, and much more.
Business success also requires the promotion of good and interesting. There are several sites and applications in the smartphone itself which provide enough container to do promotion. Even social media can be used as a promotional event.


Plunge into the world of gaming business takes courage and broad mind. Good management in development is also necessary for the smooth build a business that can compete with the local and world markets.



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