Boarding House Business Plan


Business means an interaction between people who sell goods or services to consumers for the sake of benefit to each other. In this paper contains about business opportunities in the field of boarding house business. It is already a long time ago since people moves around based on their own reasons, whether they have a job far away or having school abroad or just in another city. Travelling back and forth will take a lot of cost, plus a number of population that increasing every year would make it very difficult to reach the destination on time. That is why people who work or school far away from home needed a place to stay while without having to throw a lot of money to buy a place to stay.


With so many people who work and school from one city to another, making a room rental business increasingly promising. The influence of the progress of a city that can be seen from the number of colleges and the workplaces that is quite prestigious increasingly providing opportunities in running this kind of business.
In running this business a businessman required to be able to estimate precisely the points that correspond to choose the land as a place of business. Adjacent to the area offices or campuses will be very profitable in this business.
The use of promotional media such as billboards, flyers and social media can determine the success of such businesses.
They can even determine the architectural design for the construction of buildings can also be done in order to attract consumers.


A business always need a strong will and fair skill to be able to run and make a progress.



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