Online Computer Store Business Plan


Business means an interaction between people who sell goods or services to consumers for the sake of profit. In this paper contains about business opportunities in the field of online computer store. In the modern era of business, an online business is more involved in the community, even this kind of businesses have proven to be providing much more benefits for producers, distributors and consumers rather than a traditional business. Online business can be said to be a business that does not require a lot of capital in terms of space and cost. With just using internet connection and a computer device or gadget that is adequate enough, we will be able to generate revenue quickly and easily. We did not need to gather stuffs and store it on our garage or something to sale it later, just enough to act as a reseller, where the goods are not actually on us, but we can sell it back, so that we get a profit when the item has been sold. As we feel at this time, the development of computer technology that is now growing very rapidly and updated at any time, so it is quite appropriate at this time to take advantage of opportunities like this.


The rise of Internet users in this modern age has brought a lot of business opportunities which are quite beneficial and can be used easily. One is an online business. Online business is fairly not as easy as it seems but many raises revenue quickly and efficiently, we do not need a huge capital to make money from it.
With the rapid development of technology and information is very beneficial for our business, as our business is online and we can promote our products anywhere, whether it’s in social media or any advertisement. With the good promotion, will help us to gain customers and profits quickly.


With so many people using the internet, makes this kind of business have very high opportunities in particular. The most striking thing in the use of these opportunities is the field of promotion, promotion can be passed through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path and other social media, because promotion is the core of any business especially to sale stuffs or a product.
Our society is infatuated with social media, so we can easily use it as a container to make a sale to consumers at the right target and efficient, although by just capitalizing the internet that is not too expensive to grasp and only acts as a reseller or a second trader.
Resellers more profitable when compared with the actual owner of a warehouse or a shop, simply by conducting field surveys to get the goods that we will sell and gathering information about the current community needs, and many others. This way is very practical and has a very small risk.
By becoming a reseller we are able to create a new business and create new jobs.


A business does not always require substantial capital investment. With the intention, a strong determination to start a business and a willingness to try the key factor in the business world. With great effort and broad mind to continue to innovate can give a major contribution in running a business.



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